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Short courses in nonwovens

If you’re a product developer, marketing manager, technical sales or support professional, or someone who’s new to the industry, or want a refresher on the latest technologies and trends here’s an opportunity to get up-to-speed quickly on the nonwovens essentials in key areas.

During IDEA®, you can take advantage of INDA’s new series of highly focused short-course training opportunities covering the essential information you need to know. Newcomers seeking to learn the key elements of making nonwovens – and those with two years or more of nonwovens experience seeking enhanced knowledge of technical design and performance within absorbent hygiene products, wet wipes, and filtration media for air and liquid – will get more value out of their IDEA® participation by taking one or more of these short courses.

Each course presents essential knowledge with on-point content. They’re taught by leading industry and technical experts, in their respective process.